TRiA Version 1.12.0

TRiA is a multi-cloud management platform. Covering AWS, Azure, GCloud, IBMi and VMware. It is designed to make deploying and managinging workloads across your multi-cloud environment easier, more cost effective, flexible, scalable, secure and risk-free.

For detailed information on how to get started with TRiA please refer to the TRiA User Guide.


TRiA is currently available to Connectria’s Managed Services customers only. To get started Contact Us here.


TRiA currently supports multi-cloud management for:

  • IBMi
  • ASX
  • VMWare
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes


This release of TRiA includes both bug fixes and feature releases:


  1. The highly requested ‘Spend-By-Tag’ feature is now available for AWS and Azure accounts.
  2. Customers with no available devices will see a message stating no devices were identified with a quick link to make a ticket if this was an issue instead of a spinning wheel that never resolves.
  3. The TRiA left hand menu color was changed to a darker grey to clarify that all available menu-items are clickable.
  4. Customers with no cloud monitoring data will now see an updated message stating TRiA did not register any active Cloud Monitoring Events. This was introduced to minimize confusion on why no data is being displayed.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The IP addresses displayed are no longer including out of date or non-relevant IP addresses.
  2. The forecasted trend values for future spend have been removed for accounts with less than six months worth of data to ensure TRiA only provides high-quality future forecasted trend values.
  3. The forecasted monthly spend value is consistent on the Home Dashboard and Spend Dashboard.


For information regarding support of the TRiA product, please visit the TRiA Ticketing system.


For information regarding sales of the Connectria services or products, please visit the Connectria Website here.